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Custom Stuffed Animals and Promotional Stuffed Animals

Stuffington Bear Factory has been a leading direct provider of promotional merchandise to corporations, charities, churches, schools and more since 1959.

We are capable of any volume with rapid delivery at competitive pricing.

Project designs and project samples are created in house in-house, as well as production and material sourcing.

You may use any existing stuffed animal you see on our Web site, or get a custom-designed product by our in-house design team that brings to life your specific vision and fills your specific needs.

We provide you with a fast quote to prevent any delays with your projects.

Please contact us at 602-225-9513 or use our quote form.

Custom stuffed animals.

Stuffington Field Trips

Stuffington Bear Factory field trips.

Ready for a truly unique field trip experience?

Let Stuffington make your next one everything it should be! Interesting, Memorable and FUN!

Stuffington Bear Factory Tours

Stuffington Bear Factory field trips.

A favorite with companies, charities, clubs, families and tourists.

Private tours are a great way to learn about America's most lovable friend.

Stuffington Birthday Parties

Stuffington Bear Factory field trips.

Who wants "the usual" when you can celebrate Stuffington Bear Factory style.

Have your next birthday at Stuffington Bear Factory or at your house.

Special Events

Stuffington Bear Factory special events.

Hold your next special event in a totally unique place.

Girl Scouts, team building, fundraisers, office parties - you name it!!