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Field Trips

School field trips are a major point of focus for us. Through many years of experience, and in working directly with seasoned educators and school occupational therapists, we have developed an approach that meets the educational level of various grade levels by bringing to the forefront the fascinating process of creating and bringing a bear to life.

It's an opportunity to learn about the creativity and manufacturing process that goes in to making America's most lovable companion, the teddy bear.

Many schools have enjoyed bringing their classes to Stuffington Bear Factory because we know how to incorporate education with our engaging environment. Year after year, we hear praises from teachers and principals on how organized and educational our field trips are, and that we are their favorite field trip of all.

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Stuffington Bear Factory's hours of Operation are from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday and some Saturdays.

School Field Trips Tailored to Your Needs

Payment and Cancellation Policies

  • No deposit is due.
  • Cancellations should be made 72 hours before the reserved time.
  • Stuffington Bear Factory will call to confirm your field trip reservation one week before the reserved time.

Questions and Reservations

To get more information and make a reservation, please our contact form below.

Alternatively, you call us at 602-225-9513.

Preschool and Kindergarten tours include the following topics:

  • Teddy Roosevelt: The creation of the first teddy bear, our great National Parks system and other interesting facts about our 26th President.
  • Bear Design: The process, planning and materials involved.
  • Bear Construction: from cutting and sewing to seams, combing and air brushing. Students also observe the stuffing process.
  • Story Time: Students participate in reading a fun and interactive story.

1st and 2nd Grade tours combine all of the above points with:

  • Product Safety: How we ensure our stuffed animals are safe for everyone.
  • Embroidery and Silk Screening: Process plus how and why logos are used.
  • Animal Jeopardy: Tests the class knowledge of animal facts.
  • Math: How math is necessary to the manufacturing process from start to finish.

3rd and 4th Grade tours combine all of the above points with:

  • The Arizona Black Bear: Habitat, diet and other interesting bear facts.
  • More in-depth detail regarding the manufacture of stuffed animals.

5th Grade and higher tours combine all of the above points with:

  • Economic Impact: Importing/exporting and how consumers are affected.
  • Bears and Math: The effect of mathematics in a manufacturing setting.

Tips for a Successful School Field Trip

  • Bus drivers should be advised to park in the front lot. Parking is available at the back of the facility, but parking up front affords easier transition of the visiting group.
  • If the bus driver intends to leave during the field trip, be sure to set the time for return and pick-up. Also have the driver leave a cell phone number in case of any emergency.
  • Have children stay on the bus until a Stuffington Tour Master greets and receives them.
  • Storing lunches in one or more boxes is often easier than having the children carry theirs individually.
  • Water or other beverage containers should be stored or set aside during the tour and class portion of the field trip.
  • Recommended adult-to-student ratio is 1 for every 8 children.
  • Teachers and chaperones creating and buying their own bears should notify the Stuffington Tour Master to avoid any confusion.


  • Stuff Your Own Bear Field Trip: Our most popular field trip includes the guided educational tour of the facility. Each student will receive their own bear to stuff, comb and air bathe using our kid-friendly and fun equipment. Each student receives two colorful ribbons and a birth certificate to document their trip. Cost: $12 per student.
  • Class Bear Field Trip: Take a guided educational tour and have class members participate in creating a bear for your classroom, as well as accessorizing the bear with a vest that each child decorates with their thumbprint. Minimum 20 students per class required. Cost: $8 per student.
  • Tour-Only: Take a guided educational tour of the manufacturing facility. Cost: $4 per student.
  • Please Note: Chaperones do not have to pay for the field trip unless they wish to make a bear.
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