If you are looking for playful ways to support your child’s language development, just contact your child’s favorite plush friends! Beloved cuddly toys can have a tremendous impact on language development. Here are a few ways you can involve your child’s favorite playmates in language-rich activities:

Ask your child to choose a soft toy for a familiar getaway or an errand. Encourage your child to share their experiences.

Example: “This is the first time Bunny drives to us in the car. Can you help her look out the window and describe all the special places we pass? ”

Encourage your child to remember past events. Visualizations such as photos are often helpful.

Example: “Here are a few photos I printed from our trip to the zoo. Can you tell Bunny all about our adventure? You can start by showing her the first animal we visited. “

Encourage your child to explain each step by step they have mastered in your home.

Example: “Bunny has never helped us make oatmeal! Let’s show her which kitchen utensils we need and then you can explain the first step. “

Allow your child to take on the role of “reader” by snuggling up to a special soft toy and telling a familiar story in turn. If your child can’t read the words of their favorite book, they can refer to the illustrations and make their own version.

Example: “The character on this page looks so sad. Can you tell your rabbit why he feels this way? ”

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