In honor of International Women’s Day, we partnered with women-owned Royal Jelly Harlem to create several exclusive mask sets for children (and their favorite dolls or plush friends). Whether your child is resistant to wearing a mask or your family’s mask collection could use a refresh, these special mask sets will add fun to your everyday life. It gives young children the opportunity to help their favorite playmates “mask” themselves and prepare for the day ahead. Plus, it’s always fun to match! Our vibrant mask sets are beautifully crafted by Royal Jelly Harlem in NYC and will inspire positive, playful experiences related to wearing masks.

Read on for a few game-based tips to help kids wear masks!

Grab a small basket and collect a few masks in different styles, colors, and sizes – some for your child and some for their favorite dolls or stuffed animals! Put this basket in an area of ​​your home where your child will often pretend to be playing. If your child is acting out familiar scenarios, such as school days or grocery stores, they can use the masks to reflect our current reality. Integrating masks into pretend play routines helps children feel more physically comfortable while wearing them and gives them a sense of control amid big changes.

Lean on favorite dolls or plush friends to help your child process big changes, such as: B. the expansion of your COVID social circle or the experience of a completely different school year. If your child is unable or unwilling to have complex conversations, remember that play is a powerful way to process big emotions. You might hear your child chatting with their doll about the very topics you’ve always wanted to discuss! If you want to join in, you can try saying something like, “I bet your Dinkum doll will also wear a mask when she visits his cousins. Let’s find a mask that is exactly his size and you can teach him all about how to wear masks. “

Move and groove to “The Superhero Mask Song” by the Laurie Berkner Band. Ask your child to grab their favorite mask while Laurie sings, “It covers my chin, nose and mouth to keep the germs from going away in the and the germs don’t go out. ”While singing along, your child can also teach their favorite doll or stuffed animal how to wear a mask correctly!

Say “YES” if your child asks that they bring a special toy outside of your home. Toys like dolls and plush friends provide security for young children who long for familiarity in new places or uncomfortable situations. In an effort to keep our children’s favorite toys safe, we sometimes deny them the convenience of taking their “friends” with them when they need them most. In the months ahead, our children may find themselves in social situations that they haven’t seen in over a year. Our matching mask sets enable children to prepare themselves (and their loyal companions) for everyday excursions and adventures.

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