The sun is shining, summer is in the air and it’s getting lighter! We’ve put together ten fun tips to celebrate Memorial Day weekend and the official start of summer.

Scrunch watering can, $ 20

Rose & Rex Toy of the Month, we can’t get enough of our Scrunch watering cans. These glowing watering cans are a sustainable alternative to plastic beach toys that break easily. As an award-winning companion product to the Scrunch Bucket, the cans are designed so that they can be taken anywhere, squeezed in a small space and used for any purpose! Made from recyclable silicone in many beautiful colors, the sensory game has never looked so good!

Candylab Hamburger Van, $ 16

Nothing screams summer like an outdoor grill! This small but nice van from Candylab is perfect for adventures on the go, for collecting, building and building. Order it!

Road trip bingo, $ 3

On the weekend? Download a set of our custom Road Trip Bingo boards designed to inspire keen observation and conversation for the whole family on the go!

Lil ‘Roadster Bike in Ocean Blue, $ 309

A bike the color of the sea. This stylish and sturdy bike from Linus is the perfect first bike for your little ones and all their summer adventures.

Mason’s Planets Sidewalk Chalk for Autism Research, $ 40

Spend a summer afternoon playing mind games outdoors with this festive chalk set from TWEE. The chalk is designed in such a way that it fits perfectly into the hands of the little ones, improves grip strength and fine motor skills and at the same time encourages creative play and imaginative design.

Frosty Treats jewelry set, $ 18

This themed jewelry set from Kid Made Modern is perfect for the budding designer in your life! Paint your own charms, choose your favorite beads and create a cute collection of DIY jewelry!

Summer in a Box Bundle, $ 50

Whether you’re looking to spend your little one’s days meaningfully or are hoping to recreate a little of the camp experience at home, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite toys for the summer!

Enchanted Matching Silk, $ 20

Playing silk is a must for us in every season of the year, but in summer it is especially great fun! Throw a silk dance party on the beach, create a cape to blow the breeze, or experiment with using the silk in the water for a satisfying sensory experience.

Dena Stacking Sun, $ 23

This cheerful stacking sun is the perfect way to bring the joy of building play closer to your baby. Use this cheerful, sustainable sun as a teething ring, for stacking, as a puzzle, for imaginative play or as a bath toy! The possibilities are endless!

Piki basket, $ 40

What could be nicer than a summer picnic? We don’t think so. Pack up for the day with our chic piki basket. After a meal, this basket can be used to store your little one’s treasures. Time to hunt clams!

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