The #givebackbasket series by Olli Ella x Rose & Rex celebrates sunny days full of adventure and games! Lemon yellow with every purchase of a limited edition Luggy or Mini chari, Rose & Rex and Olli Ella donate to Experience Camps. This national, free program for children in grief helps reshape the experience of loss and empower children to move forward.

Here are some of our favorite ways to play with the Luggy and Mini chari:

Pack up for an imaginary journey. If you could visit anywhere in the world now, where would it be? As a family, think about what you need for this adventure and then pack! What will the weather be like? What types of toys and snacks will you bring with you? How do you want to get there

Go on a “color hunt”. Roll your Luggy from room to room as you search for items in all the colors of the rainbow. Whether you’re looking for a ripe red apple or throwing your favorite purple pajamas in the luggy, the whole family can have fun! Once you’ve gathered items in each color, empty the Luggy to compare and contrast your rainbow collection. What’s the greatest item you found? What was the hardest paint you could find in your home? You can also take your “color hunt” outdoors or challenge your family to a “letter hunt” by looking for items that start with certain letters!

Play in a new place. If you have a favorite playground at home, pack some of your family’s favorite toys in the Luggy and venture into a completely different setting. This is a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor art experiences or play in a new space – like the kitchen – for a change of scenery. Maybe some fascinating kitchen gadgets will become part of the game, or you might find a safe, low-level closet to explore together. You can even use the spaces under tables and chairs to play!

Bring a playful twist to housework. Encourage your little one to help out with the luggy. Whether transporting laundry or unpacking shopping, doing everyday tasks together is a playful way of looking after your home.

Create a carnival game at home. Collect soft objects like small plush toys or paper balls and take turns to throw them into the Luggy. Use painter’s tape to mark the floor you want each person to stand on and when it is everyone’s turn to roll the Luggy a little further for an added challenge. Play for points or just for fun!

Say “yes” for fun on the go. Attach your Mini Chari to your favorite bike or scooter. Your child can take a special toy with them for the ride, pack tasty snacks or put a sketchbook and pencils in the Mini Chari to document your family’s adventures.

Collect nature objects. Take your Mini Chari with you on your family’s next nature walk. Whether you’re exploring the coast or following a path through the forest, invite your kids to collect the natural items that interest them. Sort these shells, pebbles, or sticks at home by size, color, or category. Explore for stacking and building or for sensory experiences such as collages and modeling clay.

Challenge each other to a scavenger hunt. Take turns writing or drawing notes for one another. Your child can use the Mini Chari to search for objects. Once the scavenger hunt is over, gather to examine the contents of the Mini Chari together! What was the hardest clue? Are there any things your child missed? If so, try offering additional clues or going to find the missing items together.

Pack a picnic. Encourage your child to prepare their own picnic lunch. Offer your child a few healthy lunch options to choose from and see if they can take them from there! Can your child find what they need by searching the refrigerator or pantry on their own? Even small toddlers can help spread hummus or nut butter on the bread to make a sandwich. After your child has packed the Mini Chari, they can choose a special picnic spot. Don’t forget to pretend to take one (or two) with you!

Hand deliver mail to loved one. Gather as a family to make notes or drawings of love or gratitude. Keep them safe in your Mini Chari and give them to friends or neighbors to show how much they mean to your family. Wondering how to start? Discuss with your child how it feels to express love or gratitude to others and discuss the impact these notes and drawings can have on recipients. For younger children, simple prompts can be helpful:

“Thanks for ___________.”
“I am grateful to you because _____________.”
“You make me happy when ________________.”

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