Still trying to find that last perfect gift to give under the tree? Whether your kids love to hop, jump, run, sing, introduce themselves or, well, play, we have lots of gift ideas for you. Each of these awesome Little Tikes toys are sure to be a vacation hit with endless hours of play!

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Toys for outdoor all-stars

For children 18 months and older who enjoy running, jumping, climbing and playing, these toys are perfect for keeping their bodies busy. Shoot hoops with the TotSports™ Simple score™ Basketball set, bounce around the Easy Store™ 3 foot trampoline, take a trip around town on My First Balance-to-Pedal Bike™ and much more. Many of our active toys are designed for indoor and outdoor use, so your children will be entertained all year round.

TotSports™ Simple score™ Basketball set

Little Tikes® First Slide™

Simple shop™ 3ft trampoline

Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

My first balance-to-pedal bike™

Cozy coupes for children who are characters

If your little ones have big personalities (and let’s face it, which kid doesn’t?) We have the perfect ride-on toys for kids 18 months and over. There are dozens of unique Cozy Coupe® ride-on toys – from the classic Cozy Coupe® to the Superstar Cozy Coupe®, the Fire Rescue Cozy Truck™ to the go green!™ Cozy truck™ with trailer – so we are sure that there is something for every child.

Cozy Coupe®

Superstar Cozy Coupe®

Fire rescue cozy truck™

Police Cozy Coupe®

Racing Cozy Coupé®

Build cozy trucks™

Go green!™ Cozy truck™ with trailer

Toys for children with a caring nature

For children from 3 years of age who like to look after their cuddly toys, who pretend to be a doctor or a nurse, we have lots of toys, such as our Rescue Tales™ Acceptable pets that we know your caring children will love.

Rescue stories™ Acceptable Pets – Golden Retriever

Rescue stories™ Acceptable Pets – Rottweiler

Rescue stories™ Adopted pets – Dalmatians

Rescue stories™ – Acceptable pets – German Shepherd

Rescue stories™ Scrub ‘n Groom bathtub set

Lilly Tikes™ Sing Along Lilly

Lilly Tikes™ Sing-along Americans

Toys for energetic children

If your kids move fast and play fast, we have the toys that can keep up. The fast-paced action of Shark Strike RC™ is perfect for your little ones ages 4 and up with a need for speed and My First Mighty Blasters™ Let your child from 3 years be the hero of their own story and save the day!

Shark Strike RC™

My first powerful blasters™ Boom blaster

My first powerful blasters™ Dual blaster

My first powerful blasters™ Mighty bow

Developmental toys for children who love to play and learn

We have dozens of toys specifically designed to encourage babies and toddlers to crawl, walk, spot colors, count, and more. Practice shapes, numbers and motor skills with our colorful and engaging wooden creatures™ Activity toys for children from 12 months or discover the love of music with our Little Baby Bum™ Toys, for children from 6 months to 3 years.

Wooden animals™ Form stacker – Dino

Wooden animals™ Pull toy – unicorn

Wooden animals™ Number puzzle – llama corn

Wooden animals™ Balancing toy – dino

Wooden animals™ Busy Beads – unicorn

Little baby bump™ Wheels on the Bus Scoot

Little baby bump™ Piano to sing along to

Little baby bump™ Musical Minis – Dylan Duck

Little baby bump™ Wheels on the bus climber

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We wish your family a wonderful Christmas time full of laughter and games! Make sure to snap some photos of your kids when they open their gifts!

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