In the countdown to our annual Black Friday sale, we’re sharing gift inspiration from the Rose & Rex team. Read on to find out which toys our team of educators, creators, programmers, mums, and play enthusiasts love, and start building your car.

Allie Klein, Founder & CEO
The Unicorn Van, $ 16

While it’s almost impossible to choose just one favorite toy, our Unicorn Van is my favorite of the season! I loved working with Candylab to design this little van (a perfect stocking filler!) That is all about spreading love, unity and joy! This year the message of sending hope and happiness is reaching out more than any other. We donate $ 1 for every van sold to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, an incredible organization committed to changing the lives of children with cancer.

Amanda Klein, creative director
Goober auto painting pens, $ 29

My young son is obsessed with construction vehicles, so these adorable boxes of beeswax crayons will be the perfect stocking filler for him. I love that the colored pencils act as work blocks that can be stacked like Legos. Are his colored pencil drawings just doodles and blobs or magical landscapes for his vehicles?

Arielle Welt, VP Sales & Marketing
Maileg House of Miniature Dollhouse, $ 298

It’s so hard to choose from among all of the fun newcomers we have in store right now, but one of my all-time favorites is the Maileg House of Miniature. It’s so beautifully made and offers plenty of space for lots of mice and other pretend friends. Can’t wait to give this to my daughter for Hanukkah as she is just beginning to pretend she is playing house. I can imagine all the endless hours of fun they (and we!) Will have!

Lauren Vien, Director of Education
White rattan doll’s bed, $ 95

My daughter (2) and my son (4) love the rattan doll furniture from Poppie Toys. These stunning pieces are so lightweight that my kids can easily rearrange them or carry them from one room to another. Perfect for a beloved doll or stuffed animal (or maybe both!), This rattan doll bed inspires both imaginative and independent play. It will also look beautiful wherever it lands in your home!

Leah McLoughlin, Customer Experience. Speedster plane, $ 175

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 2020, it’s how important these open activities are in turbulent times! I love a good excuse for an outdoor adventure and can’t think of a better catalyst than the Ride-on Speedster Plane. Create a flight plan for your mini-pilot and take a trip … nothing says “social distancing” like flying privately!

Jason Zigelbaum, Chief Technology Officer
Wooden laptop, $ 85

What better way to prepare your child for a whiteboard coding interview in the Valley? This wooden laptop makes your little one feel like part of the team while you sit next to them and write quality code … or enjoy Netflix, no rating.

Kristen Ronan, director of communications
Poppet Dinkum doll, $ 68

As a mother of four girls, I am always on the lookout for new baby dolls that allow my daughters to play imaginatively for hours. The Dinkum Doll series by Olli Ella is a fan favorite because they are so realistic and also have the cutest accessories. I’m excited to give Poppet to my 2.5-year-old daughter for Christmas, as she particularly enjoys playing with the family and will absolutely love her new Mini-Me present this year.

Mary Grace Bernstein, photographer
Wooden Story Rainbow Blocks, $ 50

I love these blocks because there is no age limit for them. My girls have both played the same set since they were babies and still do. As they age they find new ways and now work together to build amazing structures. I think it’s great that it encourages creative play and is also environmentally friendly.

Corinna Bernstein, NYC community manager
Maileg Giant Panda, $ 68

Call me a wimp, but one of my all-time favorites is our Maileg Jumbo Panda. It’s super snuggly and snuggly and gives the best hugs out there! I’ve seen hours go by while my nieces sat among their “stuffies” talking, whispering, and giggling in their own little animal universe. Stuffed animals are so important to play with because they allow children to practice and cultivate empathy. I promise you it is almost impossible to get past this panda without trying to give it a hard squeeze!

Sophie Mulgrew, photographer

Sabo Rainbow in Mustard, $ 65

No ROYGBIV in that rainbow! The Sabo Rainbow in Mustard can be arranged, stacked, balanced and rocked. Create hills for cars to run over, waves for sea creatures, or just enjoy the soothing tones and careful workmanship of the arches. This rainbow is a beautiful and appealing addition to any playroom.

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