Toys are an amazing teaching tool for kids to develop important life-long skills in a safe and fun way. The right toys can even help people with special educational needs overcome their difficulties in certain learning areas! Our team of educational and developmental psychologists have hand selected specialty toys for autism, ADHD and dyslexia that have been scientifically proven to support healthy development.

Toys for autism

Children with autism often feel overwhelmed by loud, electronic toys and prefer tactile sensory stimulation as it calms their nervous system. It is also believed that it is good to have toys for autism that allow for open play and / or encourage areas of high interest.

Clever Chook multi-sensory game kit

Toys for ADHD

Children with ADHD also benefit from simple, straightforward toys that allow open play while keeping their hands and / or body busy.

Toys for dyslexia

Children with dyslexia will benefit from toys that focus on learning letters and numbers through play!

Orchard toys What time is it, Mr. Wolf?

Orchard Toys Magical math game

There are some toys that are ideal for more than one class with special educational needs …

A penny for your mind (the game)

This is a smooth, structured, and beautifully engaging approach to exploring challenges and emotions with children ages 3 and up. It contains 80 hand-illustrated cards to help children construct narratives that identify and talk about their feelings / experiences and teach skills that will build trust, help solve problems, and strengthen emotional connection. The simplicity, interactivity and use of common written language (with accompanying visual aids) make the game ideal for all kinds of special educational needs and really for any child!

Miniland Aptitude Activity ABC 123 case

This activity set is packed with study materials and is perfect for threading and learning letters and numbers at once! It contains 27 letters, 10 numbers, 20 activity cards, and 10 strings that are used to develop early reading, writing, spelling, counting, and fine motor skills. This quiet activity keeps little hands busy while developing vital language skills and is even rated as a qualified product for children with special educational needs!

Uncle Goose braille pads

Uncle Goose Blocks are exceptional in their special themes and handcrafted embossing elements. These Braille pads include 28 pads, each dedicated to a single letter of the alphabet, and promote cognitive development, sensory engagement, and letter, alphabet, and word recognition. This classic children’s toy is ideal for simple, open play and highly interesting areas, while also enabling tactile learning and the development of early language skills.

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